Beware of glass door knob as it may cause fire at your house

glass door knob may cause fire at your house photo
glass door knob may cause fire at your house

Many of us like glass or crystal door knob at house, it’s beautiful and apparently harmless. But solid glass door knob may act like a convex lens and focus sunlight on flammable stuffs which eventually may catch fire because of concentrated sunlight. So consider the glass door knob as a convex lens, a flammable object exactly at focal length of the lens and sunlight is coming from opposite direction. It’s like your childhood days when you set fire to paper with magnifying glass.

set-fire-to-paper-with-magnifying-glass photo

In September last year Clare Thomson’s family house in UK caught fire when a glass door knob focused sunlight on nearby clothing. No one was at home that time but their neighbors noticed the fire before spreading.

According to London fire brigade, fire triggered by crystal or glass door knob is not uncommon. Their advice is to keep crystal or glass door knobs and mirrors with concave surfaces away from sunlight. Even glass fish bowls may cause fire by focusing sunlight.

Cities are hotter in weekdays than weekends because we are hot!

Cities are hotter in weekdays than weekends photo
Cities are hotter in weekdays than weekends

Yes we are hot and as a result environment is getting hotter. Research and weather data have shown big cities like Melbourne, Tokyo and Moscow are hotter in weekdays than weekends. It’s because of the commuters who pour into cities in weekdays. Temperature rise is because of heat generated from human bodies, transports, private cars and buildings where many modern day gadgets and machines are in use. Dr. Nick Earl is an academic at the University of Melbourne in Australia. According to his study Melbourne is 0.30 C hotter in weekdays.

Around 250,000 commuters pour into the city in weekdays so their effect can’t be negligible. It’s like a cycle where temperature goes up and down and there is no weekly cycle in nature so commuters are to blame, say researchers.

Not only temperature but also rainfall, wind speed and cloud can be affected due to increased population. Rise in temperature increase convection which affects wind and pollution particles from cars influence cloud formation.

Researchers believe this new finding may be useful, it will give better understanding of meteorological cycles and now we can put ban on cars in cities during heat waves.

Ben Franklin Effect: request for help for friendship with someone

ben-franklin-effectWanna win someone’s heart? Then what will you do? Most probably you are thinking to do something for her or him. But believe it or not, the opposite works better. That means, if you are trying to figure out how to win someone’s heart, you can ask her or him to do a fever. It was suggested by one of the founding fathers of United States, Benjamin Franklin and now this effect is known as Ben Franklin effect. In his autobiography Franklin wrote, “He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged.”

Benjamin Franklin also mentioned how he applied this to a fellow legislator who had hostile relationship with Franklin. Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Having heard that he had in his library a certain very scarce and curious book, I wrote a note to him, expressing my desire of perusing that book, and requesting he would do me the favour of lending it to me for a few days. He sent it immediately, and I return’d it in about a week with another note, expressing strongly my sense of the favour. When we next met in the House, he spoke to me (which he had never done before), and with great civility; and he ever after manifested a readiness to serve me on all occasions, so that we became great friends, and our friendship continued to his death.”

Research by top psychologists also supports Ben Franklin effect. So, why this happens? Our brain asks us, why did you do that? We need an explanation, that is, I did it because he or she is a good guy and I have friendly relationship with him/her.

Even a sales person may request you to give him some information and suggestions about a particular product or service. In fact he is following Franklin’s advice.

Ben Franklin effect not only creates friends but also enemies. As I mentioned above your brain asks, why did you do that? When soldiers kill their counterpart in battle they need an explanation. So they start to hate them.

Most unromantic couple in the world


What newly married couples do on their first night? Needless to say it depends, but obviously they will try to know little more about each other and a large portion of them go for dirty things! It’s a night people remember rest of the life. A Chinese couple tried to keep the night memorable in another way.

On their weeding night instead of making love they copied parts of the Chinese Communist Party constitution. You may think its most unromantic way to celebrate first night of married life. But to the Chinese couple Mr. Li Yunpeng and Ms. Chen Xuanchi it was most effective way of making the night memorable for rest of the life. Both of them work for a state owned rail equipment maintenance workshop.

Sitting next to a decorated double bed the couple was copying the constitution by hand. Chinese communist party wants its members to now party ideology and rules well. So they encourage people to read party constitution. As part of it the Chinese government backed “copy the communist party constitution for 100 days” challenge in March 2016. So copying part of constitution was an opportunity for the couple to show patriotism.

But many Chinese are not happy with the news. They are questioning, is the Chinese government starting to interfere in marital life and what to do with better half in weeding night.

Establishing fake US embassy is possible!

fake_us_embassyYes there was a fake and functional US embassy in Ghanaian capital Accra for a decade until it was shut down by investigators. The fake embassy was setup in a two storied building with corrugated iron roof. An American flag was flown outside and there was a portrait of US president Barack Obama. Criminals of different nationals were involved, Turkish citizens spoke in English and pretended to be embassy officials from US; Dutch citizens posed as consular officials.

According to US state department this fake embassy issued illegally obtained authentic visas. The embassy charged 6,000 USD per person for visa and other identification documents including birth certificates. It’s not clear how they managed authentic visas and how many people reached US using visa from the fake embassy.

Investigators also uncovered a fake Dutch embassy there.

What are you thinking? It may happen when US embassy isn’t there, so US state department should launch an embassy immediately. But sorry to say, there is already a genuine US embassy in Ghanaian capital Accra. It’s in heavily secured cantonment area of the capital where queue for visa appointment is a common scenario.

On the other hand the fake embassy advertised on billboards instead of walk-in appointments. They collected clients from across West Africa and arranged accommodation nearby.

So if you are in a third world country , before going to US embassy at first make sure that’s not fake!

When a Boeing 767 ran out of fuel in midair and landed like a glider

Gimli_gliderGliders are very small and designed to fly without engine but when 100 ton Boeing 767 flies like glider and lands safely that’s amazing. It happened on July 23, 1983 when an Air Canada Boeing 767 was heading to Edmonton, Alberta from Ottawa. It was 2,800 kilometer trip.

While on sky captain Robert Pearson and Co-Pilot Maurice Quintal suddenly found they are running out of fuel. They had no hope to reach destination. When they lost both engines they had only one option that was to glide the aircraft like a glider and find a landing spot. At that time is was 12,500 meters above mean sea level.

They managed to glide the aircraft on an abandoned air force base. It’s not an easy task. When engine fails electricity also fails as a result many control systems on board fails. At the end one died and none of the 61 passengers and 8 crews were injured seriously. This aircraft got the nick name ‘Gimli’ because it landed on Gimli base.

And all these happened only because of a miscalculation. Ground crews thought they have fully refueled the jet but actually it wasn’t. That aircrafts computer system to monitor fuel level was not working so crews checked it manually. Canada has been using old British units but at that time they were in the process of introducing metric system. Their new aircrafts were also calibrated to metric system. Ground crews forgot the matter and calculated in old fashion. They filled only half of the fuel required and thought aircraft is ready for the flight to Edmonton.